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Why can't I find certain concert recordings from the Tangerine Tree, Leaves, or certain bootlegs on this site?

Over the years, a growing number of concerts have been officially released by Tangerine Dream on CD. Some were just commercial repackagings such as the Bootleg Box and Bootmoon series which have decided to retain for number of reasons. Others are substantially improved official releases and so for that reason, we will not be overlapping with releases such as The Official Bootleg Series and In Search of Hades, along with past releases such as East, Rockface, Vault IV (1986), Arizona, and Rocking Mars. We present an accounting below of which concerts those are.
London Victoria Palace Theatre
16 June 1974

Previously unreleased concert of live improvisation.

Released on Tangerine Dream: In Search of Hades
London Rainbow Theatre
26 October 1974

Previously unreleased concert of live improvisation.

Released on Tangerine Dream: In Search of Hades
Reims Cathedral
13 December, 1974

This FM radio broadcast was previously released as the widely distributed Live! Improvised!

Released on Bootleg Series: Volume One
London Royal Albert Hall
02 April 1975

Partly sourced from BBC IPS mono master tape, this concert was released in several versions over the years including Coefficient of Aural Expansion. Originally released as Tangerine Tree Volume 9.

Released on Tangerine Dream: In Search of Hades
Mannheim Mozarthalle
31 October 1976

Originally released on Tangerine Tree Volume 13 alongside Saarbrücken Universität 1976.

Released on Bootleg Series: Volume One
Detroit Ford Auditorium
31 March 1977

The Detroit show is without a doubt Edgar's wildest guitar playing on the abbreviated 1977 tour. Alternately released as Acoustic LSD, Snackbar dreamer in Detroit, The Emerald Beyond, and then Tangerine Tree Volume 25.

Released on Bootleg Series: Volume Three
Paris Palais des Congres
6 March 1978

After decades of wishing that at least one decent quality recording of the controversial 1978 tour would appear, our dreams came true with a recording seemingly out of the blue. On December 25th 2012 an excellent recording of this Paris concert appeared.

Released on Bootleg Series: Volume Two
Palast der Republik (East Berlin)
31 January 1980

Johannes Schmoelling's first live appearance with Tangerine Dream was a stunning concert as the first band allowed to perform live after the raising the Berlin Wall. Alternately released as Quichotte, Pergamon, Staatsgrenze West, Lifted Certain, White Cloths, Tangerine Tree Volume 17, and finally as a re-release in the last of the Tangerine Tree volumes as an archive master recording.

Released on Bootleg Series: Volume Two
Sydney Regent Theater
22 February 1982

Broadcast on Australian radio and bootlegged as Leprous Appearance On Wednesday and then Dreaming, before being released on Tangerine Tree Volume 37 and then reissued in even higher quality towards the end of the project.

Released on Bootleg Series: Volume Three
Brighton Dome
25 March 1986

Two tracks of this concert were played on the Electrobeats program before it was released in the double concert Vault IV box and then (strangely, as it is a master tape recording not a bootleg) later on as a Bootmoon release.

Released on "Vault IV"
Cleveland Convention Center
24 June 1986

Although an average quality audience recording of this concert had been circulating, it never made an appearance on the Tree or Leaves. Then it was released from a master tape recording as part of the dual Vault IV box. It was also confusingly rereleased as part of the Bootmoon series.

Released on "Vault IV"
Berkeley Community Center
24 September 1988

There was an audience recording of this show circulating, but with the release of Rockface, we have an official stereo master recording. This isn't the only soundboard recording from 1988 though, as a recording of Somerville, MA has has been widely distributed.

Released on "Rockface"
Werner-Seelenbinder-Halle (East Berlin)
20 February 1990

The first concert to feature Jerome Froese and Linda Spa, and featuring several tracks from Destination Berlin, this one-off concert was the last the band would play in a divided Berlin. Bits and pieces of this concert were made available including in the i-Box set. It was then featured as an excellent audience recording on Tangerine Tree volume 49 (which we won't be removing) around the same time as the official single disc East release and East Bonus disc which together, are still 1 encore short of including the entire concert.

Released as "East"
Scottsdale Mall Amphitheater
29 October 1992

Intended to be released as a double album in 1993, the record company preferred a single CD with a bonus track of Treasure of Innocence. Now 11 years later released as a complete double CD recording of this Arizona show.

Released on "Arizona"
Osnabrück Stadthalle
12 June 1999

This one-off concert recorded during the Klangart festival represented the new album Mars Polaris. That said, it contains some significant differences including tracks from the Sony Center Topping Out Ceremony Score.

Released on "Rocking Mars"

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